deWolfe is one of the oldest in this business, which is also why they have all you need.

You will discover old doesn't mean outdated, but in this case experienced, and have many sub labels to fulfill your needs for music. They have invested early on in creating their famous studio "Angel Recording Studio", that many famous artists/bands are recording their music in. This investment have made their album stand out with an extreme high production quality.

But if you go in an listen to their tracks you will soon realize why they have been from the start to now one of the most attractive labels to work with. They have a roster of skilled and amazing composers making their music.

They have also invested in converting their vinyl records to digital music hence one of the very few that have achieves in their music portfolio. They have Classical music recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchesta, well the list is long of how unique they are.

Basically if you need high end music for your productions this is a clear recommendation from our side, to look into and let the music take you away.