When choosing the music

When choosing music for your production, you have many choises Endless supply of Labels in the world, Genre, Mood, Intruments, production type and not least your own taste what is good/suited music. 

However, whatever you choose to use on your production will have impact on the specific scene in the production. Have a look in this link youtube.com/watch?v=KTmgGC_x_ng

As you might see, some music genres are suited to some productions better than others.

But what you might didnt think of if doing commercials is, that some genres are also linked to investment types. Heavy investments or low investments.

In one of our Apollo Magazins we showed you all that Classical music is linked to heavy investements. So everything that is linked to a bigger investment from the consumer, if you use classical music it will help digrest the motivation for this.

Apollo Music have spend 42 years collecting knowlegde of these trends and what might be the right music to use in what circumstance. You are always welcome to poke us, for help, and regardless what we inspire you with, its up to you, at the end of the day, to choose what you find correct.

We are just your professional partner in the process.