Welcome 2023

We were the first - to make the library music accessible through the internet.

Findthetune.com went online in 2004 - we made the music accessible to the production companies - always with a mission to provide the right music when using our search filters. not many years ago we introduced a long range of filters to narrow down the search. so without using too many keywords, you are able to narrow down the field of search results. with fewer search restrictions.

By using the filters of pace, length, decade, and negative search words " -guitar" thereby excluding this from the results, you can keep results open to genre thereby keeping your search open to finding the right tune. 

we work all the time to provide new and exciting music. thereby giving you the best possible chance to make your production the best it can be. we are also standing by - if you need help while searching, in the top right corner of the homepage you can push help me find the music. here you are able to communicate what you are searching for, around the clock. we will reply as soon as possible within office hours. 

If you want to learn more about the many features that are within findthetune.com never hesitate to contact us. we will gladly provide you with any questions you might have. 

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