Music for TV

In your company I am sure you get a lot of emails send to you about composers, agents, bands (well all kind of music suppliers) wanting you to use their music in your programs. And naturally after a while you become immune to these requests.

Now Imagine what that might be like for a TV Station. I think the factor have to be multiplied 10x.


Now TV Stations are the once that ensures that you have the rights to use music for their TV Station for free. But it’s not for free, they have spent many months negotiating with their music partners and evaluating the music, before it becomes free for you. So many hours of overhead spend for this + expenses for the music.


Now Apollo Music is trying to change all that time consumption and payments. We want all to be simple and clear, kinda like how it is for companies and TV Stations in Germany - Ordnung muss sein!.


So you can help yourself (and the TV Stations) by starting working with Apollo Music and all our services that none of the others suppliers have inside their business model + to active tailor made music inside Audiohooks for your productions.


We are naturally in dialog with all TV Stations and have informed them about our existence + concept and what that will mean for them in the future - and none have been complaining out the concept, and the fact of getting help to style music from our huge music portofolio (approx 800.000 songs) and Audiohooks.


So maybe it’s time for you to practice an easier way to make TV productions and be a part of the fact that the future will be so much easier.

Poke us, were are here for you and your TV productions in Norden!