Professional music supervisor for your movies

The movies and the ideas for the movies at current time are amazing. So however well intended the movies are shoot and cut, too often the music that is put on to illustrate the scene is not always filled with considerations to, purpose, intent, signal, mood, and target group.

Apollo Music offers through maybe the best movie supervisor in all Norden competent help to assist to achieve your dream for the music throughout the whole movie and ensure that the red line is kept in the movie.

Naturally we operate in all kinds of aspects from basic clearing to full scale supervision.

We have successful been in movies in 8 countries, and even combined composers with the music to achieve the full impact of the music on the movie.

if you decide to let us assist you in your next movie, our full scale would be

•Dialog about the movie

•Dialog about your music wishes for the movie

•Clearing (all well-known songs)

•Rights to well-known songs (own sync rights)


•Production Music

if you think about it, what is 30 minutes meeting with us to understand the depth we can offer vs keeping to your old ways?

let’s talk 

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