Next level in advertising

Many are skilled in one particular area. Composing in a certain genre, some are proposing you a well know song they might clear for you, or production music, or a band may you use their unsuccessful song.. Many many option daily.

So we have been looking at this and understanding that instead of this jungle of proposals, better offer you all in one.

We have skilled music supervisors, We have production music (Warner and deWolfe). We have composers. We have Audiohooks (own production music), We have No Angel (record company). And believe it or not, NOW we have sync rights to some amazing music. So let me proudly present you for Guesstimate. I will be able to announce more well-known songs to you on a later note, and naturally 22 years in clearing well known songs.

But I think the most valuable thing Apollo Music brings to the table is our document on what genre suits what segment/Target group necessary for your advertising and the product.

So what do you have here. you have prof help and services you can’t get find at any you have partnered up with at current time. And we know it takes courage to make changes. But at the end of the day it’s the end result that matters more than personal relationships. And we are here to ensure you that you will get these results and a happy client that starts selling more.

Let the music tell the story and let Apollo Music help you when others can not.


Claus Kaiser Evald Andersen