The right song for the right segment

Too often the money is determining what kind of music you put on your production.

And if you spend enough time you will find suitable music online from the cheap internet portals. Only problem, there is not enough of that kind of the music on their search system so others have used it in your country as well. However sometimes the budgets are just that pressed, so that is the only solution to recycle music that have been used 100 times before,

However if you find yourself with a client willing to build up a brand then you might want to change the recycling. Apollo Music do not only have the rights to the most amazing production, but also well-known songs.

we will accommodate you are ensure you get the song you want. However we will always challenge you on  your choice. Too often a well know song is picked without considerations on what target group that is suited for.

So we will in all 2020 for adverting clients always challenge you on your target group and dare to suggest a song that might be better suited to the target group to ensure the right exposure and increase sales of the product.

Lets help you