Findthetune is designed for you, as the user, to be able to take the control back.

Almost all search systems have pre-defined search lists. That means that if you every day write the same key words, you will get the same playlist in the same way.

Naturally findthetune have that as well, but have been with so many features that will make it possible for you to take the control back, and get the playlist in the order that you want.


First step for taken the control back is the editor kit (search filter), here you will be able to narrow the finding down to a more narrow selection.

Next step is the “Order by” that is simple but useful tool, where you can select high og low. Low downloads ensure you use music few have download in all our 23 territories.

Finally, we have the help from instruments, moods, genre or production type.


These logical features for an editor to find the right music. The above features and the look for have been evaluated as the only music company worth bringing in his article, from an foreign journalist, besides all the interesting start ups in Denmark.